Halloween is gonna be sick


coming up on three years with my wonderful lovecat.
I love her to bits.

lucky meee 

such silly catty faces


It’s been 6 months since this project started. It came as an idea late at night with a conversation among friends. The immense support that this  has received even further proves the lack for a supportive safe space for marginalized communities to thrive because it’s no longer just about survival. 

I hope more than anything this serves as the catalyst for POC to pursue whatever is that we want to pursue because we deserve that and to carve out a space that is so rightfully ours. 

Basically, this is a drawn out thank you, so thank you very much. XOXOXO

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Skull Witch
shirt - phone case - pillow - blanket


Tony Blair nominated as a ~**Top philanthropist**~

The man is a fucking war criminal that manufactured a threat in order to further his economic gain. He has done nothing to help the people of the middle east unless they own a lot of stock in a major corporation.

This is exactly what i am…


well, i am groot